What are your favorite movies? Here are some of mine :)

I hope to share here, some of my favorite movies. I will update it as I see more, and wanted to say a couple of things. Some of my favorite movies, have some "rough" parts, like in Slum dog Millionaire, and many more... Some parts of those movies literally made me cringe, and have to look away. I couldn't bear some of the things shown in the movies, but they are often representative of possible real life situations.

SO, if you are sensitive to such things, (as I can be), then please double check the ratings on the movies before watching.

My goal is to remember these movies, and to possibly give some ideas to you of ones to watch that you may not have seen before. I know that I LOVE to hear about other people's favorite movies. It just gives me great ideas for the next time I am wanting to watch a movie.

Thank you so much for coming by, and if you want to leave any comments, or suggestions I would love to hear them. My list will change some over time, so come back too.