This Means War - Brief Overview and Review

This movie, "This Means War" is one I saw with my husband on Valentine's Day night. It was packed out in our Midwestern theater. I had seen some reviews on it, and was mildly interested. We considered seeing another movie, but at this time I wasn't up for something overly emotional (just didn't feel like crying, and I am a sap!), nor gory.

So we settled on this fun movie. I thought the idea was fun, though seemed a little far fetched and stretched on the acting in parts. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and had fun and a few laughs.

My biggest disappointment was that the character Lauren, Reese Witherspoon, didn't pick the guy I thought she should have picked! Spoiler alert, don't read on if you don't want it spoiled!

The British guy, Tuck, played by Tom Hardy "won" in my book. In other words, she should have chosen him. I couldn't believe he didn't win out! She chose the American guy, that I was less impressed with overall, can't say why for sure, and his name was FDR (Chris Pine in reality).

So it was a fun date night at the movies with my husband, for Valentine's Day. Just thought I would share my brief thoughts here. In the end, I was happier for Tuck that he got his wife back and son. She is prettier in a way anyway. So it kind of all worked out. Well that was, until FDR spilled the beans that he had slept with Tucks wife long ago. What a scum! Sorry, but it made for some fun for some people I am sure.

Cute and fun and silly movie.