How To Train Your Dragon Movie Review

How To Train Your Dragon was a wonderful movie that came out in 2010. I had not seen it until tonight. My son, almost 14 years old, had seen it before, but we watched it together tonight while eating dinner. I had NO idea how much I would love this movie!

I told him when it first came on, that I was not feeling well, and would just watch a small part. He said that was fine. I watched it until the end, it was the most fun and cute thing I had seen in a while. I should say cool, not "cute", but it was truly a great story line!

I loved the viking theme, and how much fun they had with all the different characters. That the boys name was hiccup, and then to see him compared to his father was such a strong contrast.

If you have never seen this movie, I highly recommend seeing it. It will make you smile, and keep you intrigued. A fun for all to watch, kind of movie. I give it a thumbs up, without a doubt!